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Swap'n Go. Instant turnaround on life raft servicing.

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West Life Rafts

West Offshore Products offers a wide variety of the best life rafts available in Australia, ranging in capacity from 4 to 132 persons.
Not sure which one would best suit your application? We can help.
West Offshore has most models, capacities and types ex-stock. Upon order the life rafts are checked and freshly packed with all of the appropriate emergency equipment.
The life rafts can also be packed with any other equipment specific to your requirements, such as: heart tablets, asthma inhalers, reading glasses, etc.

We service all models of our West life rafts, no matter the size or model, we’ve got you covered. With all the necessary parts and equipment on hand at all times, servicing of West life rafts is relatively quick and efficient. A 1 day turnaround is usually an option if you’re in a hurry.


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