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Swap'n Go. Instant turnaround on life raft servicing.

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Australia's best life raft system

West Offshore's Swap’n Go® rental program is the easiest way to keep a life raft onboard your vessel. Get instant turnaround and reduce your costs!

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Our Swap 'n Go rental program makes more sense

  • Eliminate downtime with our instant turnaround
  • Get lower rates when trading in an old raft
  • EPIRBs in every raft and we take care of the registration
  • Flexibility with the option to change size & type

How it works

Much like a gas bottle exchange system for a BBQ or Sodastream, you can swap your expiring life raft with a freshly serviced raft, complete with your certificate – and get right back to business.

All we need is your schedule and we will ensure that your serviced, fully stocked life raft is ready for you when the time is due. All you will need to do is install the fresh raft and send the old one back to us.

This program offers the least expensive and easiest method for maintaining safety and compliance for your commercial or recreational vessel.

West Offshore Products exchanging life raft using crane

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