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Swap'n Go. Instant turnaround on life raft servicing.

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About West Offshore Products


West Offshore is a dynamic, growing company based in Western Australia and Victoria.

We have been supplying our services and products to individuals, businesses and government organisations throughout Australia and overseas for over 20 years.

Keeping our customers safe and ensuring your peace of mind is our #1 priority.

Our processes and procedures strictly follow the requirements of all manufacturers, government regulations and guidelines.

West Offshore is proudly certified to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard and is also an Approved Service Provider as certified by Det Norske Veritas – DNV

Businesses in the offshore and marine industry and vessel operators need to be able to trust that they can get their crews home safely.

As  any mariner knows things can go wrong at sea, unfortunate and unexpected events can result in dangerous situations or accidents. Having a reliable safety solution is key to everyone performing their jobs with confidence and getting home safely.

Our company will do everything within our power to meet your needs. We’ve received positive feedback from hundreds of customers who are swapping over and reaping the benefits of time and money saved with our Swap-n-Go™ life raft program.

Talk to us, we can definitely help you lower your costs, make compliance easier, reduce your logistics and increase vessel safety.

West Offshore’s mission has been to compete by changing the market with innovative services that offer higher levels of safety and easier compliance at a lower cost.

We can now assist more of our customers with a swift life raft changeover throughout Australia. Expired raft off, fresh raft on, job done!