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Privacy Policy

West Offshore Products respects the user’s privacy in full observance of Australian legal requirements. We specify that this policy only applies to and not the other websites that the user may consult through links. We fully observe confidentiality and we guarantee the protection of your personal data pertaining to confidentiality. Generally the visitor does not need to sign up or provide personal data in order to use this site.

We do not use software or hardware techniques to capture the visitor’s e-mail address or other identifiable personal data. We only collect identifiable personal data, specifically and voluntarily provided by the user. The visitor can choose to become a user and provide data if he/she wishes to receive services, whilst being informed of this. If the user provides us with this type of identifiable information, we use it only for the purposes it is provided for and we protect it according to Australian law.

The user can withdraw his/her consent for personal data processing at any time.

The key principals related to the Personal Data Confidentiality are the following:

  • We use your data solely for the purposes that it was provided for, with your consent.
  • We do not use and/or share your data without your authorisation.
  • We do not provide your personal data for advertising purposes.
  • We do not sell or lease your personal data to third parties