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Swap'n Go. Instant turnaround on life raft servicing.

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Should you buy or rent your liferaft?

When you require a life raft for your vessel, you are faced with the option of buying one outright or renting a life raft. Given that there’s an ongoing servicing requirement to maintain compliance, it’s a decision that you need to consider carefully.

When you buy a life raft

if you choose to purchase a liferaft, much like when you purchase a car, you will need to find a reliable service partner who can provide a cost to maintain compliance. The cost of servicing will be on a case-by-case basis and you are required to arrange for your liferaft to get to the service centre.

When you rent a life raft

When you choose to rent a liferaft, servicing is usually included. For example, servicing is included when you rent with us under our Swap’n Go program. It’s best you ensure all servicing is included and what the process is when servicing or repairs are required.

If you are on our Swap N Go program, we switch it out immediately with a liferaft that’s already compliant. This means there’s no downtime and offers the fastest way to stay compliant.

We also price-match any other company offering the same, guaranteeing you the best value.

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