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What is an inflatable life raft

Zodiac 6 person open sea inflatable life raft deployed

A life raft is a critical piece of safety equipment that you’ll find on every commercial vessel, most sailing vessels and even some recreational boats. In an unfortunate event which requires you to abandon your vessel, it’s there to keep you out of the water and provide the necessary equipment to keep you alive while awaiting rescue.

They are constructed with multiple tubes made from PVC, rubber or other proprietary materials that are inflated by a gas cylinder. Contained within will be a pack of equipment that may include items such as: first aid kit, food, water, flares, paddles, torches, an emergency beacon and more. There is a lot that goes into them, creating quite a dense package, potentially weighing more than you might expect.

There are a number of available types and brands, choosing the right one to suit you is where we can help.