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Importance of maintaining your life raft

Life rafts are a critical piece of safety equipment so in the event that you have to rely on one, you’ll want know that it works. If you keep up the recommended service interval with an authorised service station, you’ll be in a far better position should such an unfortunate situation occur.

They are designed and built to rigorous international standards created by organisations such as IMO and ISO that have been developed over many years. As these standards have changed, the regulations that reference them are updated accordingly. If you raft is of a significant age, have a chat with us so see if an upgrade is in order.

Most life rafts are stored on a vessel, exposed to the elements for its entire lifespan. With a hard fibreglass container and a sealed vacuum bag, they’re well protected from these conditions, but anyone involved in the maritime industry will tell you that no matter how well protected something is, the marine environment will take its toll over time. Water ingress is inevitable, which can degrade the raft and equipment pack. Heat from the sun can begin to affect things like the glue that holds the life raft together.