Surveys & Valuations

Vessels in commercial use within Australian waters are required to undertake survey inspections to ensure that they are compliant with National Standards.

Need a survey or valuation done on your Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)? Contact us today!
We can also provide a professional, cold and unbiased opinion on any RIB.

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What is a survey?

Basically, it is a detailed inspection of a boat by a qualified, diligent, intelligent and honest surveyor, for the purpose of determining its current condition and seaworthiness. In particular, to determine if the vessel is up to standard and safe to use in conditions for which it was designed, and what maintenance and repairs are required, or are likely to be required in the near future.



Due to the nature of boats and the wide ranging variations, it's not as easy to determine their value as it is with cars. So if you're planning on selling, buying or organising insurance, an accurate assessment can make the whole process much smoother.

We'll go through your RIB, trailer and motor with a fine toothed comb, find any faults, flaws or future problems you might have. You'll receive a report detailing what we've found and its market value.

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