Hydrostatic Release Units

Hydrostatic Release Units are a quick release system to allow your life raft to inflate automatically in an emergency situation without you having to do anything.

The new generation models have a weak link connector with a 3-step coupling device. By eliminating the risk of incorrect installation, they have now made it even safer. The hydrostatic release unit is designed to fit life rafts of all shapes and sizes. It is made of glass fibre reinforced nylon, which prevents it from corroding. They need no annual service, maintenance or spare parts. You simply install a new one every 2-3 years and dispose of the old one. With the environment in mind, the old unit is recyclable.

Thanks to simple handling procedures, storage costs are also kept to a minimum. Our hydrostatic release units enable easier, quicker, trouble-free installation, thereby considerably reducing your downtime ashore.

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